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"Evergreen Outdoor Group not only provides excellent service to meet our landscaping needs but they do so in a manner that makes you feel they truly have your best interest in mind. Their entire team is professional and courteous and that is very important to us."

Jamie Selby
General Manager
Oldfield Club



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What EverGreen OutDoor Group Does:

Evergreen Outdoor Group - Maintaining OldFieldEVERGREEN OUTDOOR GROUP is a turn-key landscape contractor providing Landscape Design-Installation and Maintenance services to its residential and commercial clients in the South Carolina Low Country. Whether you are looking for the design and installation of your dream outdoor living space or a reliable team to maintain your existing landscape, turn to EVERGREEN OUTDOOR GROUP for your landscape needs.





EVERGREEN OUTDOOR GROUP strives not only to meet our clients Homeowners Lawn Serviced by Evergreen Outdoor Group (Landscapers)expectations, but exceed them. We do this by providing a positive experience in-turn making available the highest quality product, professionalism and customer service in the landscape industry.




EVERGREEN OUTDOOR GROUP has built a reputation upon their work ethic and dedication to providing a positive experience for their clients. 

 Below: Landscape Design

 Below: Streets cape Re-Design Project

 Landscape Design & Planning at Evergreen Outdoor Group Landscape Design & Planning by Evergreen Outdoor Group 

EVERGREEN OUTDOOR GROUP looks forward to working together and developing your Landscape into your Dream Outdoor Space.